Type only logo

Symbol only logo

Type plus symbol logo

Textual identity or identifying phrase

Religious icon

Non-religious icon with symbolic/cultural significance

Cropping of a photograph to add emphasis or interest

Documentary photograph

Collage or photo essay

Photo or image using stereotypes

Political cartoon

Educational or instructional cartoon

Text or image using intertextuality

Color to create an atmosphere

Color to develop associations


Journal #7


Textual citation or reference to table or figure

Table with text or numbers

Flow chart or process diagram

Organizational chart

Conceptual diagram

Framing with lines or boxes

Bar graph

Line graph

Pie chart


Ineffective graph

Unethical graphic

Line drawing

Drawing using call-outs

Cross section

Lines or images representing motion

Lines representing boundaries or divisions

Lines representing texture



Good use of white space

Poor use of white space

Portrait orientation

Landscape orientation

Single column grid

Triple column grid

Mixed column grid

Heading flush with text

Marginal heading

Numbers used for a list

Bullet cue

Drop cap

Good ordering of information

Poor ordering of information

Citation style

Title and section head




Frame using solid or dotted lines